//How Does Face Mist Becomes The New In Thing

How Does Face Mist Becomes The New In Thing

By Shelbie Diana Jotem

The secret for an acclaimed long lasting make ups lies in a good finisher, none other than a face mist. Besides keeping all type of skins hydrated, it works specifically for a balanced oil production & refreshing glow, improving the radiance for a youthful look.

If you’re still hesitant to pick up this new formula by MAKAYLA Collagen Mist, here’s why!

1) Face mist refreshes & hydrates your skin.

Essential oils, glycerin and panthenol are hydrating agents that keep dry skin at bay when layered with makeup. The water based spritz is an easy applicator, and comes handy for your daily use!

2) Face mist retains skin moisture.

Layering an application of face mist in between skincare and makeup helps to seal the natural moisture, perfect for a dewy glow for a night out after a long day of work.

3) Face mist is the new makeup squad.

Layering face mist before applying foundation creates a smoother look for your artsy experimental face canvas.

4) Face mist controls oil production.

An innovative face mists now absorbs excess oil while providing light hydration.

5) Face mist boosts absorption of nutrients essential for your well needed Vitamin-E.

Layering a face mist before applying face cream maximizes the absorption of essential nutrients, similarly providing a smoother texture for mask application.


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