//Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

By Ain MC

Shout out to all women reading this because it’s our month! But first of all, let us all be thankful for being chosen to rock this world in a form of a woman because believe it or not, we women were made special with so many privileges and yet most of us failed to embrace it. One of the privileges is definitely having a tribe of like-minded women to support us and for us to support!

In today’s world, we are so concerned competing for gender equality that we forgot to take care of the foundation of our battle – our own gender. It’s hard to admit but there are so many women who find no problem in tearing down other women. Watching a bunch of grown women put each other down, scream at one another, and stab each other in the back isn’t entertaining — it is sad. Why is this happening and how is it possible for us to take on the male-dominated world when we can’t even empower our own gender?

Everyone is different. Every woman goes through stages of growth at different times. This doesn’t mean one person is better than the other, or one area of growth is stronger than the last. It just means we’re different and we have to celebrate that. If we look at other women through the lens of gratitude rather than the lens of comparison, in regards to social media and who we’re following, it becomes an attitude game changer.

It’s a beautiful thing when women can come together to empower and inspire one another, it’s like a breath of fresh air. We think it’s fitting we talk about the power of surrounding yourself with positive women. It’s time for us to forget jealousy, forget the competitiveness that we’ve been conditioned to take part in; instead, find women to support and throw your weight behind them. You lift other women as you climb by collaborating rather than competing.

It’s not like we’re going to live in this blissful society of butterflies, rainbows and hugs. Empowering other women doesn’t necessarily mean showering them with endless praises and compliments despite them doing the wrong things. It is about being able and willing to say to another woman that we didn’t like something she did or said and do it in a respectful and private way where we are still building her up, not pulling her down by gossiping or boycotting her. Remember, ladies! Gossip is still one of the most rampant, nasty things we do as women to each other. It hurts and yes, it really damages women.

Women who empower other women don’t fall into the trap where they believe that we’re all in some kind of supermarket race and someone else grabbing an opportunity leaves less for us. They would much rather work as a team, grab more of the ingredients on the shelves, and then cook up something amazing together.

These women fully understand that happiness is an inside job. They know that we all have pains, fears, insecurities and worries, regardless of whether you look like a supermodel or have millions in the bank. Instead of rolling their eyes when a woman they decide “has it all” shares her pains, they see past their projections and offer support in the best way they know how.

When another woman achieves a goal, these ladies are the first to jump to their feet and give a standing ovation. They want their colleagues and friends to know they acknowledge a job well done. Frenemy? What? These women know what friendship means. When a friend is down, they will do whatever they can to lift them up and would never feel happy to see someone else fail.

Oh yes, there are too many women who believe in the sisterhood of women, so don’t invest any time, if possible, with people who don’t. Can’t find one? Be one! Why not? It takes empowered women to empower other women.

Trust us on this, there’s nothing like the love, support and laughter shared with another woman. It’s time to stop standing on the opposite line and start being an ally for other women. Build your circle of trust or a community of a strong sisterhood. Start somewhere and show the people around us what it really means to be a woman. If you find yourself doubting your power and potential, just ask yourself the same question Beyoncé has been asking us: Who run the world? Yes, you know the answer! 😉


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