//Undertone : Finding That Perfect Lip Colour

Undertone : Finding That Perfect Lip Colour

Most of us have a bunch of lipsticks in our beauty bag, some that we wear all the time, some that never get touched. You may have fallen in love with a lipstick in the store or on some famous celebrities face, but when you put it on yourself? It just doesn’t work. We spend years looking for that perfect lip colors, you know, that one perfect lipstick that will make you look beautiful without any other make up
There are so many lipsticks out there- how do you know it is the flattering one?
Well, We have done some researches and spoke to some prominent make- up artist in KL, and we have gathered 2 basic tips in determining your own signature lip shade that completes your every outfit. 

1. Know your undertones

First and foremost, it helps tremendously to know your skin’s undertone. Most people fall into one of two categories: warm or cool. From finding a foundation match to choosing an ideal shade of red lipstick, undertones can determine if we jive best with makeup that leans a little warmer or cooler.
But how do you know you if you have cool or warm undertone?

Cool Undertone- Those with cool undertones tend to have fairer skin/ pinkish skin. If you have a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin, you are a cool tone. You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, silver jewelry complements your tone, or you tend to burn before you tan.

Warm undertone – If you have a yellow, golden, or olive hue to your skin, you likely have a warm undertone. You can tell your undertone is warm if the veins in your wrist look green, gold jewelry complements your skin, or you tend to tan or get bronze fairly easily.

If you find it really hard to determine your undertone, there’s a chance you’re neutral (a mixture of both). You can figure it out you are a lucky owner of a neutral skin undertone If your veins appear to be both blue and green, and you know what? you can wear any color!

2. Know your shades
Now that you already know your skin undertones, it’s time to put them together and choose a shade.

Cool Undertone- For your skin tone, lip colors with blue- or purple-shaded undertones look best. For a subtle look, try cool-toned mauves and pinks. For a bolder look, go bright with cool-toned bold reds and berries.
try : Maharani by Makayla

Warm undertone – You’ll look best in warm neutrals, nudes and corally pinks. For a dramatic or bolder look, try deep reds or orangey colors
Try : Putri by Makayla

Neutral undertone- Those with neutral undertones look good in both silver and gold jewelry, and a wide spectrum of colors typically tend to complement your skin. For you, lip color is a free-for-all!

if You’re Still Lost…
If you still struggle to identify your undertone, but you have a pretty basic understanding of your skin tone, don’t fret. People with fair skin look radiant in bold and deep colors that provide contrast to their tone. If you feel like you’re a bit more olive toned, pinks, nudes, and corals will suit you well. If your skin has a darker tone, choose a berry lip or a bold, dark shade 

Have fun experimenting with colors!!

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