8 Common Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making

This seems like no brainer, but washing your face CORRECTLY is the first step to a beautiful skin. With the number of times you’ve done it during your life, the process has probably become second- nature. But it turns out that washing your face isn’t quite as a straightforward process as you may have thought. [...]

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5 Anti-Aging Superfood That Support Youthful, Beautiful Skin

You are what you eat, and I am pretty sure you are familiar with the old saying. Unfortunately, it’s true today as it ever was! Typically, women are busy looking for the best skincare products to help them look pretty, or spend thousands or Ringgit at top beauty center, all just to ensure they look [...]

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5 Inspiring Malaysian Women You Probably Didn’t Know Made Global Achievements!

"There Is No Limit To What We As Women Can Accomplish" - Michelle Obama Malaysia has produced many admirable and inspiring women who have achieved impressive feats – be it in sports, entertainment, executive office, entrepreneurship or humanitarian causes. They have inspired our younger generation to rise above adversity and accomplish the unprecedented. This time [...]

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