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Our Story

Inspired by a long time passion for sustainable living and green beauty, MAKAYLA was created to develop natural skincare cosmetics products that work in tandem with your skin’s natural function. The company is founded in 2016 by a team of young professionals who share a love for wellness and an even deeper love for refined and inspired living. The name MAKAYLA was inspired by the word ‘Pakai-lah’ in Sarawak language.

The MAKAYLA team also defy early conventions; that skincare expertise is predominantly run by women for women. The team is helmed by founder Johann Khuzaimi Kalana, who believes in running an honest and conscious business that provides healthy, sustainable and effective skincare products for both men and women. Known for his foresight and elevated approach to natural skincare, Johann understands that a modern organic lifestyle can only be achieved when we truly seek to nurture the mind, body, and spirit as a pathway to inner and outer radiance.

Together with his team that consists of creative free spirits, who also share a love of holistic beauty and wellness; Mohamad Nazrin Zainalabidin, Ammelia Ahmad Mahmud, Johafiz Abzan Kalana and Nur’Ain A’ainie, MAKAYLA have spearheaded a revolution in Malaysia, by setting the tone and dogma of what is, true skin perfection.